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That’s not a Goat, Honey

Even the Idul Adha already passed I guess it still okay if I write about it. This year I had different Idul Adha from last year. First because my baby was sick few days before the Idul Adha day. And second this year is the first time I ate lamb satay. Previously I never want to eat lamb satay because it has bad smell. But when I got the meat lamb from the mosque the smell seems like beef. I didn’t have any reason to refuse ate the satay, haha.

And one thing, this year is the first time Aisyah saw the real goat. She so exited when the goat arrived. She said the goat had beautiful hair. But I guess she said about the goat ear. It looks like tied hair, so she think the goat had hair just like her, haha. Even she still sick she didn’t want to sleep because she want to saw the goat. And she is not afraid looking the goat from near. She laugh when the goat ate watermelon rind and drunk from the basin.

And along the day she asked me where is the goat. I said the goat already died and she just ate the meat. She understand and said the lamb taste so good. But the next day she suddenly woke up and run to the door and said, “The goat arrive!” My husband follow her to the door and saw nothing. But she still crying while said the goat is arrived.

Then my husband asked, “Where is the goat?”
“Over there,” she said while pointed at someone in front of the house gate.
“That’s not a goat, honey. That’s human.”

So the whole family laughed out loud. How could she said a human as a goat.

My husband pickaback her to her bed and we told her that there is no more goat. It’s only come once, and the goat already sacrificed. Then she stop crying and cheerful again. She said she want to see a goat again next year.

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The Fishes

The Fishes

Few days ago, exactly at Tuesday morning, my husband must went to campus to signed his certificate. We have planing to hang out together with Aisyah. Upon arrived at ITS my husband said that I’ll better wait him at the ITS’s mosque. Then I walked with Aisyah and through a fish pond. Suddenly she stopped and looked at the fish pond. She wondering the fishes and didn’t want to move from there. So I decided to accompany her, because I worried if she plunged into the pond.

Aisyah Stand Near The Fish Pond
Aisyah Stand Near The Fish Pond

She amazed with the fishes. I know because she never see the real fish before. She tried to touch the fish but it’s not allowed.  She pointed at the biggest fish and said, “That is the Ummi of the fish and that is the abi.” She so excited saw the fish swim near her.

After my husband finish signed his certificate, he called me because he didn’t see me around the mosque. I said that I’m at the pond with Aisyah saw the fish. Few minutes later he found us and said, “We’re going to go home.” But Aisyah refused to went home. She still want to saw the fishes. So we waited for few minutes then tried to persuade her to went home again.

She still didn’t want to went home, so we pretend that we’re going to left her alone and she ran chase us. She said, “Bye-bye fish.” It’s so funny saw her so hard to leave the fishes.

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Why We Should Learn English?

Why We Should Learn English?

This my first quiz for iCan challenge, the question is about “why we should learn English”.

When  I was children my father always told me and my brother that we should learn English even when we still in primary school. And the lesson of English is not for children like us. It was an advanced lesson. So I can’t understood clearly. And the time goes by, I love to learn English even when I decided to quit my school. But my English still bad, because I learn by myself.

For me English very important (of course after Arabic),  because nowadays, west country is the trendsetter. And English become the international language. Even me can make template from learning with Google, and the content is using English. So there is so many thing I can learn when I understand English.

And then if we understand English we can connect with friends from other country. Of course if they are using English too. So there is so many thing I can get if I can speak English.

Oh ya, one more, Indonesia is getting into the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) so as a citizen we should prepare our self. It’s danger if we become backward than other country.

Well, as a moslem we should be cleaver than our enemies. Learn English not to follow our enemies, but make us know how to survive or maybe attack our enemies. We can not just left behind while our enemies try to attack us. Wake up, as a moslem we should strong.

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Two Days Without Laptop


SunsetIt seems I not yet update here. These several days, I didn’t open my laptop. It because my eyes hurt so much. So I decided to pending all my activity through laptop. Even though I had to write a post at my blog for job review, I prefer to bough a writer. So I can do my other work and shorten my time at laptop.

I really need a glasses, but the problem is the price so expensive. Especially for Crizal lens, It spends about one million only for the lens, huft. And I know about the quality of Crizal lens. It’s light and durable. Unlike lens from other brand.

So I should be patient waiting my money enough for buying the glasses. I hope I can buy the glasses this month. I really need a glasses so I can work well without getting a headache.