iCan Weekly Challange: My Hijrah Story, Move on From Pirated Stuff

Who don’t know what is Windows. I’m not talking about windows for ventilation, but Windows that everyday we use in our laptop.

This is my hijrah story from using pirate application to original or open source application.


When I was still in high school, My mom bough me a laptop. She bought it because I really need it to do my school task. One by one application installed on my laptop without filtering if it pirate or not. I think it doesn’t matter if it pirate application. Because everybody did it too.

I was lucky because my laptop operation system original. I bough the laptop within the OS so I don’t using pirated OS. But still I using pirated Corel Draw.

My consince feel something wrong. So I decided to try open source application such as Inkscape. I learn day by day, and I can operate it well. Slowly I decided to not use Corel Draw anymore.

And until now I always try to educate my friends to using open source instead pirated application. Because you know, pirated application was illegal. Same as you stolen people stuff. So stop using pirate application. There are so many free application that can be substitute the pirate application.

For example, Ms Word, this is the most application that people need to make document. You can substitute Ms Word using Libre Office. This application same as Ms Word but Libre Office is free, you can use it without guilty feeling. Not only about application. Buying KW stuff such as bag with famous brand (example: Channel) is not good thing. Ya you know, they are duplicate someone idea and sell it to everyone. It was illegal too. So stop buying KW stuff.

It will be better if you buy local brand that original rather than famous brand but it’s only KW stuff.


  1. I am starting to use open source OS and softwares too. It’s not that hard because the only software I use regularly is word processing software. The hardest part is when I have to stop playing pirated games. Now I only play games I downloaded from play store. I hope I won’t use pirated softwares anymore.

  2. Wow.. To be honest, I have never thought the things deeply before. Yeah, most people use it then we thought it is a correct thing. After reading this article, I plan to study about kinds of open sources to replace many applications in my laptop.
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    Thank you for sharing this new thing for me..

    Always care, my ukhty 😊

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