Simple Beauty

Few months ago I feel bothered by my wardrobe, it looks so mess. I wonder what things I put in, and it such buffeted by tornadoes. Then I decided to put out all the things. I separate the things by classified its expired date. I got them from job review or survey. Some things have been expired so I threw out, I worry if I forget then using it.

I wonder with all cosmetics, what I should do to them. If I give it to people it’s not feasible. Because I ever using it once or twice. So I think to use them until the expired date.

Unlike usual, after take a bath I spread moisturizer on my face then use the lip balm. So my lip has color and more moist.

Someday I and my husband lay down together, we hugged each other. Then he said, “Do you make up? You look different.”

I laughed then said, “Yes.”
“You look more beautiful,” then he kissed my cheek.

I know I never using any make up. I ever have an eyeliner but I never can using it. I hate to use eyeliner because it hurts my eyes. I know it because I can’t using it and I never try to learn how to use it, haha. Another thing that I hate when using make up is I always sneeze because the smell of face powder. So I prefer to use BB cream if I want to look different.

This is late post. It draft since 2016. I decide to publish it now, haha.

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