This is Enny Law

Finally I made my first blog with WordPress after along time using Blogger. I’m so exited to learn how to make WordPress theme. Previously I’ve try to make WordPress theme, but it never being published. Because I never done the theme. My bad habit, never done theme that I already made, because my obsession to make another one. LOL

Despite it I try to learn make English blog. I have basic English so I want to make it better. It will so cool if I could earn money from this blog too, haha. #matre.

And I hope I don’t forget to update Juvmom. I just worry if I never update it because I’m too busy updating here. Because Juvmom already give me so much money, haha.

Well, this is a vector that I just made before writing here.

Grumpy Cup Cake
Grumpy Cup Cake


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