Hai Again

Well I just install WP app in my phone, so I can write my blog through this phone.

Yeah after giving birth, I was so lazy to touch my laptop. I don’t know why it happends. But I actually missed to write on my blog again. Because there are so much story I can write.

So installing WP app become the solution, hehehe.

How It Feels?

Having three Children aren’t that scary, hahha. Ya I thought, I’ll get stress every day. But the fact I enjoy it so much. Even though there was a time that I had bad mood all day. But it’s normal I guess.

I try to spend more time with them. I made toy from fabric or papper. Previously I kept they toys in a box container so it reduce mess. But then I saw them like “I have no toy”. So I sugest them to make toy together.

One of the toy that we made is a montessori toy made from fanel fabric. It was fun to play with them even sometimes they didn’t play with the role. But it was ok as long as they enjoy it.

Btw, it’s so hard anyway to type a long post with phone. So I think I’ll write later ??

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