Kebab Lovers

Last week I made 50++ mini kebabs for family snack. I love kebab very much that’s why every time I buy kebab I can eat at least 2 pieces of kebab, hahaha. So I decided to make my own kebab. Moreover I found store that sell all ingredient to make kebab, and the store very close from my house. It’s only takes 5 minutes to reach the store.

First Try

About couple weeks ago, I decided to made kebab. I bought 1 kg of kebab meat and 2 packs of tortila. Each pack contain 20 pieces tortila. So I had 40 pieces, and that enaugh for 1 kg kebab meat. For the first time, I’m not really statisfy with the taste. I thought it was different from kebab that I used to buy.

I also made mistakes when added the mayonaise. Because after I kept it on freezer the mayo made the tortila become wet. And of course it made the taste different.

Second Try

I still want to try making kebab as what I want. So I tried to bought another brand of kebab meat. Ya, there are few brands that sold at the store.

So I decided to bought the lowest price of kebab meat (except the brand that I had been buy, it has lower price too).

The brand is Sahara. But I should buy 2 kg, because they didn’t sell the meat in 1kg. It means I have to buy 4 packs tortila. So I guess it was ok. I can share them to my mother in law.

As my expectation, the taste was close enough to the taste of kebab I used to buy. I was so happy I can made my own kebab.

I also share the kebab to my mother in law. She likes it too, of course, haha. And that’s the only one food that I confidence to give to my mother in law. Ya because I’m bad at cooking, hahahaha.

I Think I’ll Sell It

After I can make my own kebab, I think I’ll sell it. But my husband refuse my idea of course, hahaha. He said I shouldn’t make any rush at this moment, hahaha. Ya of course having 3 children weren’t something easy.

Rather than think to sell something I’d be better if I writing my blog that I’ve abandoned for months. It will be easier than make kebab. Because I can do it whenever the babys fall asleep, and also I can stop whenever the babys are waking up without leaving mess.

Btw, all the photo wasn’t mine. I can’t take my own photo because the kebab always end up eaten before I can take the photo

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