That’s not a Goat, Honey

Even the Idul Adha already passed I guess it still okay if I write about it. This year I had different Idul Adha from last year. First because my baby was sick few days before the Idul Adha day. And second this year is the first time I ate lamb satay. Previously I never want to eat lamb satay because it has bad smell. But when I got the meat lamb from the mosque the smell seems like beef. I didn’t have any reason to refuse ate the satay, haha.

And one thing, this year is the first time Aisyah saw the real goat. She so exited when the goat arrived. She said the goat had beautiful hair. But I guess she said about the goat ear. It looks like tied hair, so she think the goat had hair just like her, haha. Even she still sick she didn’t want to sleep because she want to saw the goat. And she is not afraid looking the goat from near. She laugh when the goat ate watermelon rind and drunk from the basin.

And along the day she asked me where is the goat. I said the goat already died and she just ate the meat. She understand and said the lamb taste so good. But the next day she suddenly woke up and run to the door and said, “The goat arrive!” My husband follow her to the door and saw nothing. But she still crying while said the goat is arrived.

Then my husband asked, “Where is the goat?”
“Over there,” she said while pointed at someone in front of the house gate.
“That’s not a goat, honey. That’s human.”

So the whole family laughed out loud. How could she said a human as a goat.

My husband pickaback her to her bed and we told her that there is no more goat. It’s only come once, and the goat already sacrificed. Then she stop crying and cheerful again. She said she want to see a goat again next year.


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