Why We Should Learn English?

Why We Should Learn English?

This my first quiz for iCan challenge, the question is about “why we should learn English”.

When  I was children my father always told me and my brother that we should learn English even when we still in primary school. And the lesson of English is not for children like us. It was an advanced lesson. So I can’t understood clearly. And the time goes by, I love to learn English even when I decided to quit my school. But my English still bad, because I learn by myself.

For me English very important (of course after Arabic),  because nowadays, west country is the trendsetter. And English become the international language. Even me can make template from learning with Google, and the content is using English. So there is so many thing I can learn when I understand English.

And then if we understand English we can connect with friends from other country. Of course if they are using English too. So there is so many thing I can get if I can speak English.

Oh ya, one more, Indonesia is getting into the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) so as a citizen we should prepare our self. It’s danger if we become backward than other country.

Well, as a moslem we should be cleaver than our enemies. Learn English not to follow our enemies, but make us know how to survive or maybe attack our enemies. We can not just left behind while our enemies try to attack us. Wake up, as a moslem we should strong.

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